The Meaning of the Name BEUTY


The meaning of the first letter of the name BEUTY is “exciting,” and people with this name are known to have great imaginations. While restless, nervous, and petulant in their youth, BEUTY can be a natural entrepreneur who thrives on a challenge. This eloquent, creative individual is highly adaptable, and can handle any situation provided it does not involve extremes. They also have a low tolerance for boredom, which can lead them to be overly generous, which can undermine their artistic talent.

The meaning of the name BEUTY is “U”, which denotes “hard worker”. This person has great ambitions and takes pride in their accomplishments, but will prioritize family and home as well. They will put their family’s needs first, and will not tolerate boasting about their successes. Verbal sarcasm and vulgarity have no place in this person’s life. However, BEUTY’s tendency to be unselfish and selfless will reap unexpected happiness and financial rewards.