Issues and Challenges in Understanding Public Health

Health is an overall state of mental, physical and emotional well being where infirmity and disease are absent. A number of definitions have been used for different purposes throughout the history of mankind. It was not until the mid twentieth century that health became a major concern for the population as a whole. Modern approaches to health today consider it an individual’s responsibility to be proactive in maintaining his or her own well-being and health.


There are four main articles of interest that pertain to health. The first article discusses what is meant by well-being. It also talks about what is meant by health problems, how they differ from each other, and how they can be prevented. The next article looks at the causes and prevention of illness. The last article covers what are the main articles of interest in regards to health.

A main article of interest outlines the different concepts and definitions associated with health care. These include medical terms such as illness, chronic disease, surgery, disease prevention, morbidity, mortality, population control, quality improvement, and public health. It also lists the major stakeholders of health care. The list of these stakeholders includes Federal agencies, private health insurance companies, State health agencies, physicians, clinics, nursing homes, government agencies, labor unions, and NGOs.

The second main article outlines the meaning of well-being. It speaks about what is meant by mental illness. It also discusses what is meant by mental health, the differences between mental health and clinical depression, and how they are related. It then goes on to outline the main goals of health services, and the implementation of these goals. Finally, it discusses what are the main challenges and struggles in achieving these goals.

The third main article addresses occupational safety. It speaks about the importance of occupational safety, the hazards of dangerous jobs, and what can be done to reduce health risks from such jobs. It then goes on to outline the relationship between occupational safety and health problems. It speaks about why working in industries with serious health problems is risky, how companies should evaluate their safety policies, and how to make them work. Lastly, it addresses some recommendations on how workers can protect themselves from such risks.

The fourth main article addresses general public health. This is the most comprehensive article of its kind. It identifies the four key drivers of overall health: community, family, genetics, and environment. It speaks about why greater attention should be paid to these drivers in addition to population health, examines the ways in which public health can be improved through various interventions, and offers a review of the recent developments regarding public health.