Gambling Addiction – Signs and Treatment Options

The act of gambling is something that many of us do on occasion. Many individuals gamble for recreation, to win money, or to simply pass the time away. Gambling can be fun and exciting as you try to beat the odds or come up with new ways to beat the odds. Gambling, however, involves a fair amount of risk and consideration.


There are many people who suffer from a gambling problem and cannot stop gambling even with all of the evidence surrounding their actions. Gambling as an activity is a form of self-destructive behavior that many people will do in order to escape stress, anxiety, or other negative feelings. Gambling addiction is a problem that can ruin the lives of not only those who have a real gambling problem but can also cause personal and professional problems for many people. Gambling addiction can be treated with professional help if necessary.

Although there is no physical gambling addiction, the actions involved in gambling can cause mental problems. Many gamblers will develop an intense form of psychological dependence upon winning. This addiction causes the person to crave the thrill of winning and will do anything it takes, including breaking the law, in order to accomplish this. This type of behavior is called substance abuse or substance dependence. These problems can be overcome with professional help and can be successfully cured through drug rehab. There are a variety of programs available today for gambling addicts.

Those suffering from problem gambling will usually seek help in one of two ways; they can choose to enter one of the many of the available treatment facilities which offer both outpatient and inpatient programs. These treatment centers utilize multiple therapies, including therapy and group counseling. In some treatment centers, patients may be required to participate in state sponsored community activities, such as Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Treatment centers provide both short term and long term care for those who suffer from gambling addiction. Those addicted to gambling may also need to attend detoxification clinics, where substances of abuse and other addiction issues are treated.

Unfortunately, many people suffer from addiction to gambling without ever having any type of serious financial or legal consequences. They may gamble for fun, or to win money. In many cases, these individuals do not realize that the addictive behavior has developed until it is too late. While some may have to face financial consequences for their gambling behavior, many people wind up losing everything as a result.

It is important to recognize the signs of problem gambling addiction and seek help as soon as possible. Don’t allow your situation to get out of hand. If you do feel that you are unable to control your gambling activities, seek help immediately. The longer you wait to seek help the worse your situation will become. Recognize the symptoms of gambling addiction and set up a plan for getting yourself back on track.