Disabled Sports – A Spectator Sport That Should Happen

A sport film is a movie genre which makes use of sport as the main theme of the movie. It’s basically a fictional production where a sport, particularly a sport associate of the film, are heavily involved, and that depend greatly on sport for their theme resolution or motivation. A good example of this is the 90’s movie The Lost Boys. The main character Jack ( Damon Hilliard) is an avid sport fan who lives in a small town in Pennsylvania. He mentors other people in the sport and also ends up acting for them in various occasions. The movie then follows his life from this until the events of the movie take place in Florida when he returns there to serve out his term.


The main article at this point would be the sport itself. A sport film can be based on any imaginable sport or recreation. They can be sports that we all know about such as ice skating, football, basketball and so on. Then there can be ones that we’ve never heard of but they have been filmed based on some particular sport such as American football with Will Smith. Or maybe a film about a person who has a unique skill such as a skydiving specialist.

There are many movies nowadays that are based on football and the most popular sports that are broadcasted include Premier League, La Dolce Vita and so forth. The football industry is huge and it’s very easy to make a movie which deals with this topic. The first place I would look for a sport theme is the kind of sport you follow. If you’re a big fan of football you’ll probably already have an idea of what sport I’m talking about.

A big problem is getting the right amount of viewers who are watching sport. One of the biggest problems in the UK at the moment is that people aren’t watching enough sports on the television. That’s the main article and I believe there are two reasons. The first reason is that many channels are offering programmes from popular sport over the last few years that aren’t actually sport. So for example if you go to catch the Boxing World Boxing Championships on channel five, you might think that you’re going to see some boxing but in fact it’s going to be a bit of a mixed martial arts show.

This problem is becoming even worse at the international level with the World Cup tournaments. FIFA is now forcing all matches to be shown on non mainstream channels and that includes the English premier league. I guess sport can attract people because of the associations involved in the sport but overall the public aren’t watching as much as they should be. Another reason is that a lot of the sport on offer isn’t actually sport. For example the Boxing World Cup matches don’t actually involve fighters, just people paying to watch professional kick boxers do.

So in this article I’ve briefly talked about how disabled sports could be a great spectator sport in the future and looked at why we probably aren’t as keen on them as we should be. I hope that by reading this article, you’ve started to see that there are lots of different options available to people who love to watch sport but don’t necessarily want to be involved in the physical actions. Disabled Sport is an exciting subject which has the potential to grow into a huge brand. If you want to know more about the subjects I mentioned here, you can find out my website by clicking the links below. My main point is that you shouldn’t dismiss disabled sport as not being a real sport just because it doesn’t involve any physical contact.