An Introduction to Sport

Sport (or physical sports) is any types of usually organized or competitive physical activity that, through formal or informal participation, attempt to utilize, improve or develop personal skill and/or ability while offering entertainment to competitors, and at times, spectators. The activities may be in any form like; athletics, motor sports, contact sports, gymnastics, diving etc. The word ‘sport’ itself implies to act or take part in a particular sport. For example, a game of football involves kicking, heading, throwing and other physical actions. A game of chess entails various moves, tactics and thinking.


Today, the term sport has various meanings according to the country or region in which it is used. In the United States, most commonly, sport is linked with organized sports like American football and basketball, while in Europe it includes such activities as skiing, ice skating and wrestling. In Australia, most commonly, tennis is described as an energetic, contact sport where a player hits a ball with a racquet for points. In China, ping pong is a popular indoor game and considered a sport, while in Japan, soccer is widely recognized as a competitive, contact sport.

In general, there are several rules associated with each type of sport, as with any other physical activity. These rules help participants determine what is acceptable or not within the rules of the game. It is important that the sport is fair and competitive, both to the participants and to the spectators. For example, a participant can only use body parts in a way that does not cause injury to anyone.

Physical exercises are encouraged as a part of most sports, but they are undertaken with varying degrees of exertion, and in varying degrees of style. As a general rule, sport physical exertion should be limited to those that require the body’s maximal capacity, such as running or lifting weights. In sports that require less body strength, muscles are generally allowed to relax and release natural tension.

Sport is often described as competitive, but this definition can also include non-competitive, social/brimantart, or intellectual sports. Sports can be individually competitive or team competitive, although often the two aspects are lumped together under the term ‘sport’. In the United States, the term sport was originally used to describe amateur athletic competition, and the term competitive was used to identify sports that were regulated by organizations like the U.S. Open. Today, most American sports are either private competitive or public competitive. Private sports vary widely in terms of the competition rules, rewards, rules, length of competition, prize money, etc.

Sportsmanship is a major part of sporting tradition. In most sport related activities, there is a recognition of skill, strength, alertness, endurance, and sportmanship. Sportsmanship is an important component of good sportsmanship. A sportsman is considered to be a good sportsman if he does the competition honestly and shows real sportsmanship. If an athlete doesn’t want to compete, he won’t. In sports, it’s not about who scores the highest or the most points, but about who practices what skills best, who uses his or her mind the most efficiently, and how he or she responds to the physical exertion or stress.