4 Traits of a BEUTY

BEUTY means “eclectic.” A born entertainer with great imagination, BEUTY is a good socialite. They can be restless, nervous, or petulant, and enjoy a change of scenery. However, their low boredom threshold makes them vulnerable to being manipulated. Therefore, BEUTY needs entertainers to captivate their interest. The following are traits of a BEUTY:

BEUTY is a name of versatility, with a strong tendency to stay out of trouble. They are aggressive, but channel their aggressiveness into selling. They are firm in their convictions, but seek out advice before making important decisions. As a result, they may gravitate toward careers in the military or other positions involving a fight. A beuty may be attracted to the military or sales. A BEUTY is likely to be a hard worker and take pride in his accomplishments.