The Meaning of BEUTY – What Does This Number Mean?


The meaning of BEUTY is “an exciting person”. As you mature, you will find that your timidity starts to fade. While secretiveness and selfishness give you power, they will also make you feel isolated and lose your support. You may have high diplomacy and versatility, which will help you fulfill your ambitions and receive honors. Just don’t let your versatility become careless or you’ll be discouraged.

The meaning of BEUTY varies. Some interpret it as “a Y-shaped person who wants to get out of trouble.” Others see it as a “fighting spirit” who would rather make money through selling. The best way to deal with BEUTY’s aggressive nature is to channel it into selling. Although you are a fighter, you are likely to look for advice before making a decision. This person may be attracted to the military, which allows them to channel their aggression into an area of great need.