Sport, Fair Play and the Human Spirit


Sport, Fair Play and the Human Spirit

Sport can be broadly defined as an organized activity using contact with the objects of sport as the main focus and involving physical activity and skills as the main objective of the activity. This definition excludes games like volleyball and hockey which are essentially exercises. Sport can also include sporting activities, but in this case the focus is entirely on skill rather than on physical attributes. A sport can have competitions as well as competitions for displaying the skills.

Many people think that popular sports are based solely on the skills and so it is important to have as many skilled competitors as possible in sporting competitions and tournaments. However, another important aspect of sport is that it should not be only based on skill but also on the spirit of sport. A sport that is popular amongst all sections of society and which is widely held by a majority of people and which promotes social interaction and camaraderie is one that promotes fair competition. It is very important for sport to be fair, because if the playing field is not level then it will only be enjoyed by those sections of society that have access to a more prosperous economic status and who have better social status. In order to ensure fair competition in sport, there should be some form of regulation of the competitions and of course, there should be some form of disqualification system to eliminate players who lose out due to undue means.

There are different levels of regulation for different games. In most countries, there are governing bodies for different sport activities. There are governing bodies for gymnastics and there are governing bodies for table tennis. The governing body for horse racing is similar to the governing body for table tennis. It is important for a sport to be fairly representative of the society in which it is hosted and in which the game of sport itself is based. The same is true for other games like golf, badminton, swimming etc.

A major part of the sport, both in the United States and in other countries, is the spirit of fair play. Fair play means that players are treated fairly despite the fact that they are part of a team. The main article of this philosophy is that everyone has the equal right to win. There is no winner or loser in sports unless there is a mathematically determined last place finish. This idea of fairness is important not only in sport but in all kinds of public service – including politics and business.

When people compare sports with other forms of public service, they usually compare sporting events with physical activity. They also compare sports with other kinds of physical activity. The fact is that sports can be an enjoyable and educational experience that also incorporates elements of fair play. There is nothing wrong with people enjoying and participating in the sport as long as they do not end up feeling exploited, disadvantaged and used as cannon fodder for another’s agenda.

Sport does have an important role to play in society. It provides entertainment and teaches social responsibility. By itself, it has a number of beneficial effects on health and wellbeing. It is not fair to make the main article of the philosophy that these benefits are either negative or positive. Sport is an exciting and wonderful experience for the whole family.