Michael Brown’s Fight With the Police


Michael Brown’s Fight With the Police

A sports film is an extremely popular film genre which makes use of sport as the main theme of the movie. It’s a hybrid production in which a sport-related event, sport member, or sport event are heavily involved, and that depend heavily on sport for their main plot direction or resolution. There are two common types of sport movies: those which are entirely based on a single sport, and those which revolve around multiple sports. However, modern movie producers have more variety when it comes to sports fictions. They have managed to make not only a bunch of sports movies, but also films which take a look at several different sports from a variety of angles.

Michael Brown is an athlete who undertakes competitively challenging physical exercises in order to improve his physique. He undertakes this in order to win the local circuit bicycle championship, but when his competitive run is disrupted by an ankle injury, his ability to win is compromised. Instead of giving up, he sets out to find a medical doctor who specializes in sports medicine, in order to treat his ankle in the best possible way. His efforts to get the attention of the doctor are partly successful, but when the doctor discovers that Michael is in fact a very gifted athlete, who has won every contest that he has contested, he lets Michael continue to pursue his dream. As a result, Michael is able to pursue his dream of playing baseball professionally, in addition to the physical exercise that he undertakes.

This is just one example of a sports story where the main character undertakes challenging physical activity in order to improve his life. Another such example is the film The Blind Side, in which Blindness is the former professional baseball player played by Jason Statham. As a result of sustaining a severe car accident in the car, Jason Statham is made paraplegic, but he is saved by a blind man who played the sport of baseball with him in his youth. Despite the serious nature of this example, Statham’s determination to achieve physical fitness in spite of his disability is admirable, as is the courage which he displays in order to recover.

A number of famous athletes have displayed qualities of persistence and determination to excel at any task which they undertake, regardless of whether they are actively engaged in sport or not. Examples include the greats of both swimming and sailing, who managed to excel in their chosen sports despite the considerable physical challenges involved. Many of today’s modern athletes are also members of teams, and the pursuit of sport involves a variety of physical exertion, including sprinting, jumping, lifting and running. In these instances, the athletes do not only use their body as means of moving about and engaging in sport, but they are also using their mind as well.

Physically active individuals have a number of additional benefits besides acquiring greater strength and flexibility. For example, athletes who engage in sport improve their mental performance and, in turn, increase their confidence levels. This is because sport provides a great opportunity for testing one’s athletic abilities against other people, which leads to an increased level of self-awareness and alertness. The sport that most people readily think of participating in may be a sport related to contact sports such as boxing or football. However, a wide range of other activities may also benefit from participation in sport: for example, a boxer may learn a new strategy for overcoming an opponent, while divers gain a greater appreciation for the underwater world.

It is clear that sports lend themselves well to the development of skills, as well as attitude. It seems therefore that Michael Brown should be commended for the way in which he confronted police officer Eric Parker without losing his composure or falling down. Brown ultimately lost his life in August of last year in Peel county, Florida, following an altercation with the officer. The tragic end of this story underlines the need for people to take part in some form of sport related activity every day, to not only keep fit, but to also show a willingness to fight for social justice and equality.