Introducing the World of Sport to Children

Any definition of sport can be highly controversial. In ordinary language, sport is defined by its technical definition and its association with athletic performance and social activity measures. By these definitions, the meaning of sport changes considerably according to the interests of those who claim to be categorizing it. The history of sport may be strewn with attempts to simplify sport, but each attempt has failed to unearth a satisfactory definition.


In recent years, many organizations have attempted to define sport and especially the Olympic Games. Though sports competition has often been defined by terms of the ability of the athletes to win, some of the most persistent efforts attempt to simplify sport have been related to defining sport as a physical activity. Such definitions exclude any reference to skill, strategy, or tactics. Though the Olympic Games may promote universal goals, there are no standards by which an event can be judged.

Though the Olympic Games presents the best examples of what sport can be, most Olympic committees and sporting associations consider competitive games to be physical activities that require the participant to use the entire body as a coordinated unit. Therefore, in practice, even professional sports cannot be categorized as a sport unless it can be proven that each participant is capable of coordinating his or her movements with those of other competitors. Thus, in order to compete at the Olympic Games, a competitor must demonstrate coordination skills and must also have the physical strength to withstand the rigors of the sport’s physical activities.

Another attempt to make sport more comprehensible to the general public came about during the First World War. As both the British and the French controlled most of the continent, sports were largely banned for the nationalistic feelings of their respective countries. However, after the war, both the British and the French reintroduced sports to the national arena. They required all soldiers to be trained in physical fitness, sport, and weaponry. Though this was a great step forward for sports, the association football became very popular as it was essentially a team sport that required hundreds of players to participate on any given day.

Sport that combines physical activity with a competitive spirit is called sport. The object of any sport activity is to achieve a goal through the combined use of the mind and physical exertion. Sport can either be competitive or non-competitive; though most events are non-competitive, there are certain events that are distinctly competitive such as motor racing. Since sport involves physical activity, it can provide a venue for improving physical fitness.

Youth sport has played an important role in the evolution of modern society. Since most youths spend more time playing video games than participating in physical fitness activities, introducing them to the sport early in life helps them develop healthy habits and prepare them for life’s challenges. This helps prevent injuries and builds self-esteem in children. Moreover, most professional sports organisations to help fund children’s teams so that they may pursue a sport of their choice as they grow older. This helps improve physical fitness in a fun way.