Different Types of Sports That Call For Exertion

Sport is increasingly recognized by the international community as an important role model in society. Sport involves physical activity with a competitive spirit and a commitment to socially positive aspects of human development. This is the essence of sport; it involves a competition of individual or team accomplishment as a single unit. Sport can refer to any single form of activity that involves physical contact between human beings. It may be swimming, cycling, athletics, rugby, hockey, golf and so on. The term sport can also be used to describe a set of related activities, often involving contact with the ground such as ice-skating and racquet-ball skating.


Sport is the physical activity that allows us to test our mental skills, physical strength and social awareness. An activity involving skill and physical exertion, where the outcome is often highly competitive, with guidelines and rules governing the activity usually present formally through governing bodies and is usually recognized as a sport when it meets the necessary conditions. In most societies sport has developed through years of organization and influence from various groups with an interest in the sport. Organizing games and events through various means have helped to define its nature, its purpose and its definition.

There are various ways in which sport can be defined and organized. Association football is a common example. Association football is the game where two or more teams compete to win the title for being the official winners of a given game. In association football, there are also leagues and cups which qualify different teams to participate and play in the tournaments, usually with the assistance of a league administrator or a coach. The competitions or matches of association football usually require a lot of physical fitness, speed and endurance and all of these qualities are crucial to the success of the team.

Professional sports are entirely different from association football. Professional sport is an extremely physically demanding physical activity requiring years of training and practice in order to excel at it. Professional sport can be either a sport that requires a lot of physical activity such as baseball and basketball or one which does not require a lot but requires a high degree of precision and/or strategization and mental ability. Soccer, golf and tennis are good examples of professional sports. Soccer because of its strict regulations and different methods of playing, demands a lot of stamina and physical fitness and it even requires great strategizing and mind skills.

Professional sports are very competitive but also highly organized and controlled. In association football, clubs and teams compete against other teams in official competitions. Professional sport comes with a higher degree of specialization with regard to the sport in question. There are several well-known sports that require a great degree of training and practice. These include water skiing, speed skating, motor cycling, skiing, and tennis.

Darts is another type of sport that requires a certain amount of exertion as well as strategy. dart throwing is very much similar to baseball and soccer; it involves a ball player striking a ball with a bat in order to launch it into the opponents goal. Another type of sport where the application of physical exertion is crucial is body building/strenghthening. Body building/strenghthening requires a great amount of strength and physical endurance as well as great cardio vascular capabilities in order to successfully build muscle mass and achieve maximal strength.