Beuty the Great Dog – Why Beuty is So Popular


Beuty the Great Dog – Why Beuty is So Popular

Beuty is a Maltese. He loves to be in the water and is eager to play with his friends. He is a very active dog, so if you are not an experienced swimmer, you may want to consider another breed of dog. He does well in other settings as well, but is particularly happy when he is participating in training activities with his trainer. He will respond well to praise. Beuty has a high prey drive and can be aggressive toward other dogs, so he should be trained accordingly.

While Beuty is a highly energetic dog, he does require daily exercise. Because he loves to play in the water, you should take him out frequently to run, dive or float. He will get tired very quickly if he does not have a daily exercise regimen. When you first bring Beuty home, you should introduce him to the entire family on a leash.

Beuty reacts extremely well to praise. He will respond enthusiastically to your “Good Boy!” every time he obeys your commands. Also, let your dog know that he has done a good job obedience training and look forward to having him come to you for more. You will find that Beuty responds to training in the same way that he would to a new addition in your family. He will want to please you just as much as you want to please him.

You should never confine Beuty to one location or limit him to one type of behavior. He will want to show his personality off at all times. If you leave him in just one room or in a pen, he may become bored. If you place him with other dogs, he may feel threatened.

Training your dog should be fun for you and your dog. Do not be afraid to go a little crazy when it comes to beauty. In general, dogs do not like one-on-one training unless they are scared of the unknown. However, if you and Beuty get along well, this can be one of the easiest dog lessons to teach your dog. Training him to perform tricks will also take your entertainment level to the next level.

Beuty has an exceptional temperament. He will bring joy and happiness to everyone who encounters him. Dogs are social animals and will enjoy the company of other dogs, but if they are constantly around other people, they will develop a strong guarding instinct, which can be harmful to other people and to other dogs.